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Kingston Mayoral Prayer Breakfast
May 10, 2008
Doyles Bridge Hotel

In 2007, we had people attending from 16 churches from 10 denominations in Kingston, raising $700 for local charity, Matt's Place. See the photos.

Kids' Club
Most school holidays
McKinnon & Frankston

Kids' Club is a church-based school holiday programme for a half day where local children enjoy crafts, stories, songs and more. We would love to help your church start one in your community.

Father's Day Out

We had a great trial Fathers' Day Out - a great opportunity for fathers and their children to have fun together.

Womens' Rewards Night
By request
Venue tailored to company's needs

We would like to reward your group of women, whether they be high-achieving sales people or often neglected executive's wives. We will tailor the night to your needs and requests for groups of any size. Take a peek at the great time a varied group had Mothers' Day at a fantastic venue. For more details contact us or email Simona.

Private/Government Technical Seminars
Regular Intervals
Various venues according to company's requirements.

some past events

Fundraiser for Morroccan Childrens Day Centres
December 12, 2006
Gurkhas - Carlton

$1500 was raised on this cosy night to support day centres for disadvantaged children across Morrocco.


Second International G&P Engineering Conference & Exhibition
May 19-21, 2004
Carlton Crest, Melbourne

Over 100 engineers, consultants, managers and government workers attended this conference outlining the latest research and developments and practises in Australasia, and South Africa. We were priveleged to host speakers from South Africa, New Zealand, and Australian states.

Kingston Mayoral Prayer Breakfast
May 26, 2007
Doyles Bridge Hotel

Now an institution.

Learn Japanese in Japan, Free Expo
December 6, 2003
Carlton Crest, Melbourne

This expo was an initiative of Japanese language schools in four Japanese cities. Follow this link for more information, including links to the schools' Websites, and photos from the Melbourne Expo.

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Milling around exhibits at technical seminar
Conference Workshop
examining exhibit information
Tim Costello speaks at Mayoral Prayer Breakfast
Mother's Day Night Out
Vistors at the Japanese Expo
Band at Breakfast

attending to Expo visitors

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